Circular house/ Bio-curtain

Circular house/ Bio-curtain

Circular house/ Bio-curtain

Title: Circular house/Bio curtain

Type of work: research and experiment, green architecture and integrated systems possibly realised as permanent installation.

Art/design: Stenberg/Sørensen.

Description: The green algae have an aesthetics quality which might be utilized as a visual environment. Circular house/Bio curtain is a vision for a multi integrated system in a domestic situation. The idea revolves around utilising the input/output of a building. One option is to transport green algae through windows of a house. The algae can be integrated as a living wall or curtain.

Besides providing shade to the residents, the Bio curtain will contribute to indoor climate as green algae consume CO2 through the daytime photosynthesis process. Further, the organisms are a resource for biological derived fuel for vehicles as well as providing the residents with energy.

Our aim is to use these connections by integrating them in the exterior or interior of a house – to clearly form a visible example of the closed loop concept.

Background: Urine contains the important plant nutrient Nitrogen. In addition to light and air, urine from separation toilets used by the residents in a building, promote the growth of algae. Consequently, green algae production systems can be integrated in circuit based wastewater treatment. In current scientific experiments green algae are used as a resource for biodiesel. Today biodiesel production is mostly based on oil rich rapeseed widely cultivated throughout the world. However, large scale agriculture contributes to the contamination of air and water. By utilizing the fatty substance from algae undesired emissions are avoided.